Strawberry Fields Forever...

There's just something about picking your own strawberries that makes them taste that much more delicious.

And, WAY more affordable than buying them in the store!  We went picking twice this season, and the second visit was right at the end of the season, so the berries were super cheap.

We used these berries to make Strawberry Rhubarb jam and Strawberry Rhubarb pie...sooo good!

Wardie was especially helpful in the baking process.  He really pushed himself to make sure that the entire kitchen, not just some of it, was covered in flour.  Luckily, I don't care because he's so darn cute:)

And, the finished products.  I ended up with 14 jars of jam...

And 3 lovely pies:)

I can't wait for blueberry picking time...maybe later this week or early next.  I'm thinking some blueberry basil jam is in order.  I'll make sure to share the recipe, too!


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