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Zebra Stripe Graduation Cake

One of my favorite "hobbies" is making cakes.  I've taken a couple of cake decorating classes at our local JoAnn fabrics, watched bunches of YouTube videos and learned a great deal from good 'ol trial and error.

I realized I should start posting pictures of some of the cakes I've worked on. 

This cake, and the accompanying cupcakes, were made for a friend's daughter for her high school graduation party.  The school colors were orange and black and they wanted those incorporated as well as daisies, her daughter's favorite flower.

I made square cakes stacked--one white and one chocolate cake with raspberry filling and buttercream, topped with fondant.  The daisies are made out of gum paste.  I thought a zebra print would be "hip" enough for a high school girl and the colors ended up being really vibrant, which I loved!

I made the orange fondant, but decided to use black fondant pre-made so it didn't have so much food coloring.  It was going t…