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messy tomorrows

My husband is pretty awesome.  I give him a hard time quite often--not because it's fun for me (although I do find it frighteningly easy...) but I think because he has 'raised the bar' over time which tends to create even higher expectations of perfection.  At least for me.

But our life has been pretty chaotic lately.  I feel like I keep saying that, but I swear, it's even more than usual.  We now have a 4-week old precious girl joining her 3 year old brother and we've hosted two large gatherings in the past two weeks.  Crazy.  Really.  I promise there's a point here beyond my busy schedule.

One of the things I've learned from my husband as his personality has rubbed off on me over the years is that everything does not have to be perfect.  Seems simple, right?  It would be if I weren't one of those walk into a freshly remodeled room in our house and notice the things I would change or the undone parts.  Really!?  A room we've waited 5 years to demol…