Cute Kid Stuff

Ok. I'll try and keep these types of posts to a minimum, especially for those of you without children who don't appreciate hearing cute kid stories all that often...sort of like I am with dogs. I don't really think dogs are cute. Some puppies, maybe. But, overall, I don't like your dog and I really don't want to hear about the stories that include the adorable things he does.

But, back to the topic. One thing I've learned as a parent is to never say "never" about behavioral topics. You can say that you'll never let your child jump off a cliff, but don't say you'll never say the things your parents said. Because at some point in the future when your child pushes that button of yours just one more time and you are tired and annoyed and frustrated and wondering where he possibly learned this particular ridiculous behavior, you will say that dreaded phrase.

Now, my wonderful son is honestly one of the greatest joys of my life. And, luckily, at only 17 months, he still is so sweet and innocent that 99% of the time, that joy overshadows any irritation. However, that 1% can really get ya.

Yesterday, I had an exhausted little boy who was very much in need of a nap and a diaper change. Another thing I've learned about being a parent is that little boys very much enjoy playing with their nether regions while you try and change their diaper--normally, this really doesn't both me, but it can be a little unhygenic. So, as I'm trying to change his diaper, after wrestling him just to get his pants off, I end up loudly using the phrase, "Now, cut it out and get your binky out of your crotch!" One for the parenting book, for sure.

He's also into helping mommy with everything. Today, he used his own little broom and vacuum because the big ones were out and also sat on the counter putting vegetables into a bowl as I cut them. Of course, I did catch him tasting some and trying to put them back, but overall, it went really well. I have found that including him in the tasks I'm doing rather than trying to get him to go do his own thing has really helped his mood, and I love that he's learning something in the process. It also keeps me from making ridiculous comments out of frustration:)


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