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Back to School Favorites

I can hardly believe August is here. I feel like I say this about every holiday, season, etc. but time just moves SO fast with kiddos.

Every year, I think I get a little bit better about being organized and trying to keep things ready to manage papers, lunches, clothing, and all the other details that come with kids in school.  When the details are organized, I find that I am a much happier mom day in and day out.  So, I thought I'd share some of the time-savers that work for our family in hopes that they may work for some other families, too!

And full disclosure--I am cheap. Truth. I will usually try and find something used or borrow or research a more affordable method. That being said, all blessings and gratitude to the sage genius mothers who have gone before that have taught me that some things are just worth the extra money. These are daily-use items that need to be able to take a beating. I regret every cheap backpack, lunch box, pair of shoes, pencil, and folder that I'…

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