A little space for me:)

I'm a procrastinator.  (Insert collective 'gasp' here...)  Ok, I know this is a well-known fact to anyone who knows me, but I have a VERY hard time doing little bits of projects to keep up on things.  For example, I can't fold clothes bit by bit, but would rather fold a week's worth of laundry in an evening.  Same with groceries.  Or cleaning.

But, I'm worst with papers.  I've had this little room under an eave in our house that I've been dying to turn into a crafty space for quite some time now.  Bryan has all of his "toys" in the basement now, and that space has just been sitting there for me.  And sitting.  And sitting.

For some people, this isn't an issue.  But with my weird brain and it's lack of normal functioning, I couldn't let myself do ANY little projects until this room was ready.  And yet, I couldn't bring myself to get through this entire room at once because it was such a big job.

So, finally, last Saturday night, I got through it all.  (With some help from Bryan, of course).  I had to actually throw away some of our wedding and baby shower cards and really determine which projects will actually get done (we'll save my hoarding issues for another post), but I managed to do it.  And, 3 1/2 hours later, it looks awesome, if I do say so myself.  Which I do.

My little hideaway!

Was given this table from my mom-in-law and we've had these shelves forever.

Lovely close-up of the yarn.

You may ignore that this part is still a little messy.  Because I do.  Underneath are all of my photos, stamping, etc.  And, yes, that tv does have a vcr.  Other fun note: this table was actually the first kitchen table my parents had and it's still going strong:)

L-shaped desk also from my mom-in-law (how lucky am I!?)  TONS of storage!!

Side of the desk--storing baskets, frames, etc. underneath.

Love this one.

Bought 1 large sheet of peg board from Home Depot and asked them to cut it into 2'x2' squares.  Bryan hung them for me (after I measured:) and I painted them with some leftover bathroom paint.  Turned out great--cheap and easy.

Close-up of the peg board with the ribbons:)

And, there you have it.  Funny note--Bryan knows WAY more about photography than I do, so he said he's help me take some nice pictures (the close-ups are his).  I went in the room and found him lying on the floor taking pictures at an angle.  Now, that's dedication!


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