A new phase...

Does this face look like it's capable of doing something mischievous?

Yes, you say?  Well, you're probably right.  Especially in light of yesterday's exploits.

I have a nutcracker sitting on our fireplace mantel  from when I saw the ballet as a little girl.  Wardie, of course, loves it since it's breakable and up too high for him to reach.  Shocking.  He calls him "man" and loves to hold and play with him.  (I'm not too worried as it's already been well-loved throughout the years, but it is still special to me).

So, yesterday I came home from work to my wonderful husband and Wardie, who had been spending the day together.  Wardie asked for the "man" and curiously, he was nowhere to be found.  Hubby thought he had been put somewhere special, but clearly, that was not the case.  So, "man" was missing.

Finally, Wardie ran to the stairs and said, "up."  He then proceeded to climb the stairs and run into our closet up under the eaves of the house.  About 10 seconds later, he emerged and triumphantly exclaimed, "man!"  Sigh. 

Luckily, it was so cute, that all I did was explain to him that the "man" belongs on the fireplace, to which he responded, "yeeeahh."

I thought maybe we were going to miss the hiding things/sticking them down the toilet/putting them up the nose phase, but I think I might be wrong:)


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