The Night of the Living Binky (Episode 1)

Well, I figured it was about that time.  I mean, he's 22 months old.  I can just picture him at his 2nd birthday celebration with it hanging out of his mouth.  Or worse yet, the screaming 5-year-old on "Toddlers and Tiaras."  The other two (younger) kids at our daddy daycare haven't had theirs for awhile.  Our relatives are asking about it.  One of my awesome new-age momma friends with a little boy the same age has even managed to part with it. 

The time had come to get rid of the binky.

We had been planning to over summer.  Then over winter break.  But, there was always an excuse.  He was teething.  Or sick.  Or we were sick.  Or tired.  But, finally, we just had to bite the bullet.

A little backstory: Wardie LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba.  Sort of a weird show, but all in all, I can deal with it.  Anyway, there's an episode about babies that we've seen a bajillion times, and he loves the character called "Baby Gogo" who makes a cameo in that episode.

So, last night, I was talking with Wardie and telling him how big he was and "don't you think you're too big to have a binky now?"  He was sort of pretending not to hear me in between shaking his head no.

And then, it hit me: "Wardie, could we put your binky in a box and send it to Baby Gogo?"  And, I saw the wheels turning.  I held a toddler-sized shoebox and he laid the binky in.  Could it be this easy?  And, he took it back out.  And put it in.  And took it out.  All the while, I was talking with him about being a big boy and getting rid of it, and just saying the same things over and over.

Finally, the binky was put to rest and the box was closed.  And I put him to bed with a sippy of milk and a mixed-up version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears partly because I couldn't remember what happened when the bears got home and partly because it seemed like a scary thing to share.  So, Goldilocks fell asleep.  And so did Ward.

I practically pranced downstairs to tell Bryan.  I swaggered into the kitchen, telling him how well it went and patting myself on the back.  We were great parents with a great kid.  We were so satisfied stupid.

About 12:30, I tripped on the kids potty in the floor of the bathroom and he woke up screaming.  "Biiinnnkkkyyy!!"  Sigh.  So, I held him and talked to him.  He threw a tantrum.  I brought him to our bed and we kept talking. 

"Honey, do you remember what you did with your binky?" 
"Baby Gogo." 
"Yes, you gave it to Baby Gogo.  Remember?" 
"Yeeaaahhh" (while crying).

He finally dozed, woke up again, and after a repeat of the conversation, went back to his crib around 2am.  Then slept the rest of the night. 

We talked about it again this morning and again when we dropped him off at our "daddy daycare." 

Hopefully, Episode 1 is the first and final episode.  Only tonight will tell.


  1. Now if he throws any kind of tantrum just remind him of the little words he loves to say: "no fit." I love that funny little man!!


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