Salad Theories

Bryan told me I should post this.  I don't really have anything more important to say today, so I'll share my theory about salad.

When you make a salad, you should use no more than 5 ingredients per salad.

This excluded potato salad, jello salad, macaroni salad, etc.  Those are in their own category.

But, a lettuce salad should have no more than 5 ingredients. 

I used to make salads with approximately 5 million vegetables or whatever I had left in the fridge, and it's just not the same.  A few flavors makes for a delicious salad that allows you to taste each ingredient.

Tonight's awesome salad that my hubby even raved about:

1. spinach
2. red pepper
3. craisins
4. gorgonzola cheese
5. Certified Angus Beef flat iron steak

I thought about adding walnuts for more texture, but then I would be breaking my own rules, wouldn't I?

Do you have any food rules?


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