Healthy returns

Ok, it's been a long time since I've posted.  For real. 

But, I'm back.  And so happy about it.

This week, I'll be sharing about what's been going on in our lives for the past month or two and my upcoming post plans include various projects, delicious summer recipes and lots of random thoughts:)

Stick with me, I'll do better:)

One of the cool things that I have coming up is a mini-triathlon in September (yes, I'm serious).  I've always wanted to do one and this is an all-women's race benefitting breast cancer research.  The race consists of a 250 m swim, 7 mile bike ride and 2 mile run. 

We now have a jogging stroller and a bike seat for Wardie, so I've been enjoying my workouts with him.  Now, if I could only figure out how to strap him to my back in the pool...:)  The race is September 17th, so I'll be counting down and keeping you posted on my progress.

We've also had a little competition arise at work to see who can lose the most inches/weight/bmi throughout the summer.  I had my measurements taken and they were VERY eye-opening.  I'm glad to have a few goals to train for.

Hubby and I have also been trying to make a point of riding our bikes anywhere in town that we don't need a car to get to--helps with saving $$ and getting fit.  All this plus LOTS of summer grilling and fresh food and we are so excited for a healthy summer:)

What are your summer health goals?  Jump on board, we'll get healthy together!!


  1. Hey! I am SO interested in at least working up to the running with you, if nothing else. As soon as I can stop hobbling around on my ankle, I will be ready to work out. Let me know :)


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