Zebra Stripe Graduation Cake

One of my favorite "hobbies" is making cakes.  I've taken a couple of cake decorating classes at our local JoAnn fabrics, watched bunches of YouTube videos and learned a great deal from good 'ol trial and error.

I realized I should start posting pictures of some of the cakes I've worked on. 

This cake, and the accompanying cupcakes, were made for a friend's daughter for her high school graduation party.  The school colors were orange and black and they wanted those incorporated as well as daisies, her daughter's favorite flower.

I made square cakes stacked--one white and one chocolate cake with raspberry filling and buttercream, topped with fondant.  The daisies are made out of gum paste.  I thought a zebra print would be "hip" enough for a high school girl and the colors ended up being really vibrant, which I loved!

I made the orange fondant, but decided to use black fondant pre-made so it didn't have so much food coloring.  It was going to be a hot day and I didn't want everyone with black mouths after they had a bite:)

Next time, I would find another way to stick the daisies on and work more on the bottoms of the cake where the fondant comes together (do you ever notice the little imperfections in things you do??:).

It was delicious and I was happy--success!!

Erica's Graduation Cake


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