Back to School Favorites

I can hardly believe August is here. I feel like I say this about every holiday, season, etc. but time just moves SO fast with kiddos.

Every year, I think I get a little bit better about being organized and trying to keep things ready to manage papers, lunches, clothing, and all the other details that come with kids in school.  When the details are organized, I find that I am a much happier mom day in and day out.  So, I thought I'd share some of the time-savers that work for our family in hopes that they may work for some other families, too!

And full disclosure--I am cheap. Truth. I will usually try and find something used or borrow or research a more affordable method. That being said, all blessings and gratitude to the sage genius mothers who have gone before that have taught me that some things are just worth the extra money. These are daily-use items that need to be able to take a beating. I regret every cheap backpack, lunch box, pair of shoes, pencil, and folder that I've purchased in my lifetime. I am justly ashamed of my complete lack of foresight. I mean, quality over quantity shouldn't be so difficult, but, folks, I have SEEN THE LIGHT. So, without further ado...

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes

We are lunch packers. We just are. I like to be able to control the health level of the food my kiddos eat, and they really like a lot of fresh items, so it works very well for us. However, I HATE throwing out plastic zip baggies, and I have a hard time springing for the number of reusable bags that we would need daily. So, I found PlanetBox.  This stainless steel, bento-style lunchbox is an expensive purchase, but has a lifetime guarantee, comes in a wonderful carrying bag, and is completely dishwasher safe (EEEK!). I also love that I can pack things from yogurt and granola to sandwiches and fruit without worrying about things getting lost and shaken up. This has been one of our best purchases, and I could see having them for adults too. They fixed the only issue we had by making silicone lids for the little metal containers that were hard to open with the previous lid. These lunch boxes are also super convenient for dinners on the go for soccer practice, etc. because you can put prepared food right in it, and it's actually a great and easy way to eat in the car on your lap!  Not that I would ever serve such a meal to my family. No, siree, it's sit-down fancy dinners only for this momma. I mean, really--ain't nobody got time for that.


Now, I needed a container for soups and chili in the wintertime that would be equally as simple and effective. Enter Thermos. I found a wonderful Thermos that's the perfect size and contains a spoon that folds up IN THE LID. You know what this means for kids who lose everything, right?! (Are there kids who don't lose everything? I'd love to meet them. Maybe they can tutor my kids in the art of NOT LOSING ALL THE THINGS. ) The spoon gets put back in the lid when you're done, and when we fill it in the morning, everything stays hot through lunchtime.

Water bottles

Again, I turned to Thermos here and we opted for the Funtainer water bottles. These are stainless steel, and the perfect size to fit in the PlanetBox bag, keep things super cold, come with fun characters to choose from, and you can replace the straw if your children CAN'T STOP BITING it. Not that I have any experience with that. Our son's survived quite a bit of rough housing, and is still going strong, though it's scratched up enough and covered with I may spring for a new one this year.

Other tips

Paperwork. Is there anything worse? Honestly. The moment I get through the pile sitting in a heap on my counter that is completely filed and neatly organized, I have a new pile. But, a couple years ago, I bought a pretty 3-ring binder that is lovely enough that I'd love to look at it everyday. I keep it in our kitchen, and I made tabs for meal planning, school paperwork, and important events that I want to keep. In the meal planning tab, I keep a calendar and write dinners down that I plan to make for the week. This helps me organize my grocery list, and also gives me ideas when I'm in a meal planning rut.

In the school tab, I keep class rosters, teacher information, and handbooks. SO helpful when we're doing birthday invitations or helping in the classroom.

And finally, in the important events tab, I keep wedding invitations, bridal and baby shower invitations, and other paperwork that I need to keep just in case I can't remember where the bride is registered or where the reception is being held.

Shoes.  This is another area where it's just worth it to buy the better ones to start with. I have replaced a LOT of cheap shoes. A nice pair of good-fitting shoes made by a reputable brand is totally worth it, and will last many games of kickball and hours of time dancing on the playground.

Please share!!

I'd love to hear your tips for Back to School! What are your must-haves? What brands could your family not live without? Are there any that you wish you wouldn't have bought?  Please share, dear readers!

**And a note that I am not paid or compensated in any way for my opinions--they are truly my own!


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