No wimps allowed.

Apparently, I needed a reminder today.

Because I obviously must've forgotten how big life can be in the moments of raising our littles. (Sarcasm font, anyone?)

But, I guess that in the day-to-day, I do forget at times.

And some days, the moments are clicking snapshots in my mind.

A huge squeeze from small, pajama-clad arms thrown around my neck.


Nursery rhymes sung loudly and off-key, complete with hand motions.


Gentle discussions on how to handle real life situations.


Raucous giggles from conspiratorial boys.


Kisses and hugs and reading and laughing and crying and yelling and whispering.

Click. Click. Click.

And I look back on the day and sigh a great, exhausted sigh of contentment, and I think to myself, these are humans we're raising.

These little people are learning in every look, every gesture, every reaction.

And we, hopelessly flawed people that we are, are teaching them in all that we do.  

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this parenting thing is not for wimps.

Man, am I thankful we only have to live each minute one at a time.

And we get a chance to teach all over again tomorrow.


  1. Yes! Fantastic reminders. These are the real moments. I looove the part about raising humans. : ) Good stuff, friend.


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